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Mario Pino Uceda
3 min readJul 23, 2019


PolkaStats showing the ranking of active Polkadot validators

I’m happy to present PolkaStats, an open source web application that offers statistics about Polkadot network. Currently it shows info from Alexander testnet.

I coded this app mostly at La Colmena blockchain space :-). I wanted to experiment and learn on how to show live information from Polkadot network in a more human readable fashion.

Thanks to all the people from La Colmena and Polkadot Watercooler for pointing me to the right direction and save me hours of useless coding.

Let me show you some PolkStats features:

Active Polkadot validators rank

The home page shows the active Polkadot validators rank with the total amount of DOTs bonded (self bonded + nominators), associated Controller / Session / Stash account addresses, comission, unstake threshold and list of nominators and offline events.

You can click on Nominators link to expand or collapse the list of nominators of the current validator:

List of nominators

Has your validator red background? Click on Reported offline link to expand or collapse the list of offline events. You can click on the block number to open the block information page in PolkaScan to help you determine the offline event’s cause.

Offline events


You can follow a validator in Favorites tab by setting them as favorite. Click on the grey star on the upper right corner of the validator card to follow.

Favorites tab also lets you edit the validator’s name. To do that click on the Edit validator name… label behind the validator rank, enter the name you want and press Enter to save.

Total bonded funds daily evolution graph

Click on the upper right corner grah icon

If you click on the graph icon on the upper right corner of a validator card it will show the validator’s total bonded funds daily evolution.

We are monitoring the total bonded amount of DOTs of each validator every 5 minutes to track their evolution. This graph is helpful to see the performance of your validator, and notice possible benefits and slashes.

Weekly and monthly graphs are in development ;-)

Feedback welcome!

PolkaStats is open source and you can see the full source code on the GitHub page of La Colmena:



You can post an issue if you detect a bug o place a feature request. All suggestions are welcome!



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