New version of PolkaStats

Mario Pino Uceda
3 min readApr 13, 2022


PolkaStats is a Substrate open source block explorer aiming to provide the best staking and economic data for both validators and nominators. It helps both types of users by providing comprehensive metrics, charts and utilities to improve their knowledge and performance.

The project needed a big refactor for a long time so I finally decided to migrate the backend to TypeScript to take full advantage of type’s magic delivered by Polkadot JS API and increase code robustness.

Lot of work was spent in the frontend also with the focus on removing legacy code that didn’t work and creating some new solid features that leveraged the new backend.

Most important thing about this version of PolkaStats is that Validator Resource Center for Kusama features has been completely ported to PolkaStats block explorer. The reason behind this is that it is difficult for me to maintain these two projects at the same time. Now you can filter and select validators based on your preferences and the provided metrics. Once you are done, you can even submit your selection to the chain using Polkadot JS Extension.

I’ll show you some of the most relevant changes:


New charts

  • Number of balance transfers in the last 30 days
  • Account balance in the last week (on chain data)
  • Staking rewards
  • Slashes

Account links

Links for Dotscanner, Kodadot, Polkascan, Singular, SubID and Subscan in account page.


Nominate selected validators using PolkadotJS Extension.


UI completely translated to Spanish.

FIAT value

New current and historical value widget, data provided by CoinGecko

Whale Alert

We have a new Whale Alert widget in the home page, showing Top 10 balance transfers in the last 24 hours

Staking rewards including era and validator

Improved extrinsics and events search

Search extrinsics and events by runtime specific pallet and/or method

Support PolkaStats

Do you want to support my work? Nominate my validators in Kusama and Polkadot, check



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